Green hand is an environmental, social, cultural, non governmental organization. Funded in 2001 and registered in 2003. Our slogan is "A Green Hand for all Lebanon".

Green Hand family gathers now more than 218 volunteers from all over Lebanon, distributing their efforts on the six departments: environmental, social, cultural, anti-smoking, road accident safety and youth department, in addition to a large team of friends and supporters.

Believing that the real change has to come in an ascendant way, Green Hand bases its work on the concepts of environmental and human sustainable development through the mobilization and participation of the local communities in every step of our way.

Considering youth as the key change agents, Green Hand focuses on empowering youth, providing them with more awareness, knowledge and know-how to better reach and implement the desired change. Green Hand provides now a wild range of services and programs covering different intervention fields, reaching all age categories and diverse society sectors.